Original Bat Mobile Sells For 4.3 million

original baatmobile sells for $4.2 million
Shelli Mart gets into character with the original Batmobile at the Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale, Ariz. The vehicle was sold on Saturday night for $4.2 million, the auction company said.

If YOU had and EXTRA $4.3 million the bat mobile COULD have been yours!

The Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale Arizona sold $228.3 million dollars of cars this week. source

The most expensive was a 1958 Ferrari 250 GT California LWB Spider, which went for $8.25 million.

But our FAVORITE had to be the Bat Mobile from the original 1968 series starring Adam West.

Do YOU remember that TV show as a kid?

For a COOL $4.3 million the same batmobile that Batman and Robin used could have been yours!

Here is an AWESOME website dedicated to the 1966 bat mobile. it tells us that the original car was a Lincoln Futura a concept car hand built built in the 1950′s but was never mass produced.

Here is another nice write up on the batmobile sale with a few more pictures.

Here are a few pictures of the batcar auction.

Now if by any chance you get to buy a batmobile in the future…

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